3 Years of Moonglow Burlesque: Be Teased and Entertained

Moulin Rouge is one of my favourite movies! The songs, the visuals, the dancing and the whole overall vibe! When performers can grab the audience and play with them, entertain them and just bloody hell, give them an experience that they’re not gonna easily forget! Well, we have one of those type of performers in Beijing in the Moonglow Burlesque!


The ladies (and some guys) have been providing Beijing with an alternative to the usual nightlife that is equally shocking, amusing, entertaining, teasing or disturbing. No matter what you think of it, one thing is certain: it’s memorable!

on the 10th and the 11th, Trixie Royale, Lulu Galore, Mamselle Nitouche et co. are set to celebrate 3 years of burlesque over at the CD Blues Bar, 2 nights in a row, and they’re inviting you to come…..along… I could go into great details about why and what but Morgan Short of smartbeijing has already taken care of that in a most excellent interview. Instead, I reached out to the brains behind the bodies and asked them to tell me, in 10 words of less, what is Moonglow Burlesque and why should people come. Here is what they had to say:

Trixie Royale

What is Moonglow Burlesque: Moonglow is the performance troupe that brings back Jazz Age, Vintage entertainment at its best!
Why should people come: This is a unique experience: Nowhere else in Beijing one can see burlesque, circus, comedy, tap – all together in one show

little rebel she is.. that’s more than 10 words on each questions :-p

Lulu Galore:

What is Moonglow Burlesque: The art of tease and take it off
Why should people come: To be teased and entertained

well.. short and sweet, to the point!


the 3 year anniversary of the Mooonglow Burlesque will take place June 10 and 11 at CD Blues cafe from 9:00 pm onwards…come

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