ChunQiu Reloaded, heads to Wacken 2013

well well well my little readers of the rock n roll. You come out of a 3 day holiday ripe with music and good times to find out that one of the better bands to come out of China, ChunQiu ( Spring Autumn) has decided they could no longer wait for singer Yang Meng to come back from his Yunnan journey.


They have tapped Liu Bing ( Die From Sorrow) to come on in and fill those shoes as they get ready to head to Wacken 2013 as representatives of China along with Nine Treasures.

So Yeah, ChunQiu is off to Wacken!!!!

This is pretty sweet for Liu Bing who had the opportunity to go 2 years ago as Die From Sorrow won the the Wacken Battle of the Bands but didn’t have the financial means to make the trip.

Look for ChunQiu to be hitting a few live music venues near you soon as they rehearse old material and get some new songs ready. I’m looking forward to seeing them live again.

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