2nd Metallica Date Added, Aerosmith Confirmed in Shanghai – Get Them Tickets

well well… 2 posts in a row about Shanghai.. might have to rename this to Shanghaidaze if i keep it up


So the news is official even though it’s been known for a little while: Metallica has added a second Shanghai date after the runaway sellout of the first one.
Now, if you were banking on selling them tickets for tons of profit, you’ve just lost out on that opportunity baby..
Tickets for the August 14th performance will go on sale this Monday, July 8 at 12:00pm and are available through the ticketing hotline at 400-610-3721, and online at Damai.cn. Prices are RMB 1680, 1280, 980 and 480.

and, if you remember that little tease i put in yesterday about love in an elevator, well it’s also confirmed for August 20th,4 days ahead of their concert across the straight. Tell you what though, i just their little announcement about Taiwan and they ain’t exactly looking fresh..

they definitely have had better days…

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