Mark Your Calendars: Kreator, Herbie Hancok and New Buyi all coming up

man i’m giggling and jumping with excitement… it’s been a rough month over a ‘daze headquarter with work and other bullshit so i have kinda ignored my little princes of the rock n roll… but when on the same day i get the following news, i forget all about being tired. So, let’s do this chronologically:

Buyi Album Release – October 18th – Mako Livehouse
Ah BUyi.. they’re like that morning cup of coffee. It doesn’t need to be the best but you know you need it, you want it and it’s gonna hit the spot every freaking time. Well, after a few years of non-stop playing and also a lineup change, it’s time for some new tunes. 出发 will be unleashed on the masses October 18th at Mako.
I don’t have any details as to supporting bands but you know you can’t miss this. It’s gonna be an epic one!

Kreator in Beijing – October 27th – Yugong Yishan
THe European trash titans will be raising the flag for Painkiller Magazine’s 13th anniversary. Support comes from none other than suffocated and Bad Mamasan.
I cannot think of a good reason not to be there sweating it out with the rest of my metal brethren. The bands are all proven performers and the folks from Painkiller are some of the true supporters of Metal and rock n roll in this country.
Come and get your asses kicked! in a good way

Herbie Hancock – November 9th – Thinkpad Center
A true legend, a classic! An artist that has pretty much nothing left to prove to anyone but is still hungry and eager to innovate!
THis is gonna be my birthday gift to myself y’all.

So, some good things in store folks. DOn’t forget The Killers next week at the same Thinkpad Center and also Behemoth descending on Yugong Yishan early october.

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