TGI-video-F: Lidong’s Baobei, Ember’s Laowai and a little Revelation

long weird weeks, back from holidays, almost a jetlagged by a messed up schedule… well TGIF folks despite tomorrow being a working day technically. So.. Here are some cool videos to get you through.. some new, some not so new.

Lidong – Baobei

lixia et co. are suave, soulful, fun and talented. They’re also in touch with some of this country’s social issues as evidenced by their video single: baobei.
Fans of the band have heard this song over the past few years at various shows but it’s never made it onto a record. Now, it gets a video too. If you assumed he was singing about his baby as in girlfriend.. you’re mistaken. This one goes out to all the orphaned kids in China. As the band puts it:


5 years ago, 573K children lost their parents. About 69K are under state child welfare programs while another 294K receives some sort of state aid. That leaves 200k orphans without basic assistance. Today, the number of orphans in China has risen to 712K and this song goes out to them.

Go check out the video here: (I couldn’t find an embed link)

Ember Swift – Laowai
Let’s kick off with Ember Swift. I’m not sure how the band is going right now with Zac gone home but i trust the lady to have a plan. Somehow, this one slipped off my radar back in May. But it’s a really cool video for their song, “laowai” that i declared the unofficial foreigner-in-china anthem a while back. This one even features Buyi’s Lina on bass. Cute!


Ajinai & Randy Abel Stable – John the Revelator

i’m starting to think these guys have one hell of a deep vault somewhere with tons of recorded material that they release on trickle basis. Here is a great quality video from their show with Ajinai at Yugong Yishan with both bands on stage doing a great version of John the Revelator. If this doesn’t send shivers down your spine, i don’t know what would.

Enjoy the rest of your friday y’all

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  1. October 18, 2013

    […] to get hear this song since last time I caught the group. It’s a lovely piece of soulful bliss, which as BeijingDaze reminded me, is not quite the love song I thought it was but instead a shout-out to the 700,000 plus orphaned […]