Video Friday: 16 Min, Novaheart, CMCB

Another friday, another few videos coming our way!
I’m digging the fact that local bands are starting to embrace the medium more and more. In some cases, it’s just a good old DIY thing but in others, it’s a whole elaborate project. And talking about elaborate, let’s get started with the latest from Novaheart.

If i were to give awards, this one might get the MV award of the year folks.. beautifully executed, directed, conceptualised etc… I mean wow! See for yourself:

Helen et co. have outdone themselves… I saw pictures of the shoot running around the web earlier this year but this is something else. Well done!

CMCB is making a big time return and push this year. I had tons of fun watching them at MIDI in may and there they are with a video for ‘Beautiful Time’ (时间的美丽) , off their latest record.
Again, nice concept, good acting, mellow song. not one of my favourites but it’s kickass.

Last one for today comes from 16 Minutes: Falling Bridge 音乐视频Here is what Robin had to say about it:

just writing to share with you guys a new video we made with Alessio from LIVE CIRCUR in Shanghai. It was one of those random meet at the gig and this is what happened. Yeah the music is something new and an interesting result of having it remix by our friend from German. But the rest of the music is still more organic. Hope to get some feedback from you guys and stay warm!

pretty cool low key thing

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    yay! cheers man