MIDI 2014: Suede Headlining… but where

A little over two weeks to go and MIDI, true to themselves, have not released anything regardless this year’s edition of the festival in Beijing. There are a few things we know or we can assume with a lot of things in the air:

1- The dates
MIDI will take place May 1,2,3 in Beijing

2- The location
It will be in Beijing somewhere on the outskirts. And contrary to what was previously assumed, it might not be a CMV. Look for a potential return to the roots if they can pull it off. All i can say at the moment is that we might not have to travel 4 hours to get there and that’s pretty darn good.

3- The Bands
Suede was confirmed late yesterday for Shanghai and Beijing so that’s good news. They are a big draw and hopefully didn’t cost them an arm and a leg. Strawberry has signed every band under the sun to play in Tongzhou so look for a few new acts and unusual names to pop up.

4- Instead of pollution, we’re looking at a “noise pollution” theme. Don’t honk y’all. It’s cute but i like the bear years.

Here’s hoping i can confirm a few things before the end of the week with you folks

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