X Nights: Strange Music Meets Arts

there is strange and there is weird. There is entertaining strange and just untalented strange! Thankfully, the series of shows organised by Wanba Music over the next 30 days happens to bring together a bunch of strange and talented folks, combining their arts into unique performances over 3 evenings.
The guys behind it are the same team that did Ephemerals Festival a few years ago. Similar concept here: a diverse mix of artists from China and Europe playing styles from free improv/jazz, to Central Asian folk, to post-punk, to electro bangers to hardcore-speed-post-pre-art.
X Nights

///////////////////// 节目 PROGRAM /////////////////////

4月10日 周四 晚上8点 APRIL 10 8pm
前线 LIGNE DE FRONT :SERGE TEYSSOT-GAY & PAUL BLOAS (FR) << MANUEL HERMIA TRIO (BE/IT/PT) << ERIC BOROS from VIALKA (CA) << 张思安 DJANG SAN (FR) << 眯腊 MIRA #1 (BE) << 4月26日 周六 晚上9点 APRIL 26 9pm 小河 XIAO HE & 马哈哈 MATTHIEU HA (CN/BE) << 马木尔 MAMER (CN) << 眯腊 MIRA #2 (BE) << 5月10日 周六 晚上9点 MAY 10 9pm 性感寿司 SEXY SUSHI (FR) << SNAPLINE (CN) << 红孩儿 HONG HAIER (IT/FR) << 眯腊 MIRA #3 (BE) << The team has even done a video trailer to about the whole thing: Turn off your vpn and take it for a spin

It’s definitely different and won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but i applaud Yoan and his ideas.

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