Random Video: The New Subs, Demerit, Dissident and more

I figured i’ll shake some cobwebs outta here on a tuesday with a few videos i’ve been checking out. First off, the most recent and interesting one of the bunch:
Ladies and gents, say hello to the new SUBS on their debut performance 2 nights ago at School Bar.

SUBS v. 2014

yeah.. not the best pic! but at least, there's a beauty with the two beasts

yeah.. not the best pic! but at least, there’s a beauty with the two beasts


So the band played a surprise gig at School on Sunday…
Too early to tell but this is exactly the feedback i heard when i made it to the show after their set: pretty good for a first gig, looks like they did spend a bit of time rehearsing and Josh doesn’t look or feel out of place judging from the little bit i’ve seen. Kang Mao’s vocals are different and I can’t put my finger on it. Let me see how they sound like live at MIDI next week.

Noise Arcade

Not exactly my style but i figured i’d check these guys out since they’ve been around for a while and Will kinda likes them (don’t worry, he’ll grow up eventually). Decent video, here is a blurb from their youku:

This is the music video for Peak of the Moon by Noise Arcade. The song is on a cassette split with thruoutin called Peak of the Moon. The video was made by Jeff Yiu. For more info about Noise Arcade:


Demerit: TZ Generation

They’re slowly becoming one of my favorite live acts with their passionate shows, whether they play to 10 people or 100+. The kids are honest and play their life on their instrument. As the Tongzhou crew keeps going, i’m guessing more and more Tongzhou themed songs will come out. This one was first and admittedly an old one. Still, just discovered it recently.

Dissident 异论乐队

I was curious about these dongbei kids who a lot of metal folks in Beijing were propping up. They basically open for each and everyone that goes to Shenyang and leading to their Beijing gig last week, they had a really cool and cheesy promo video where the who’s who of China’s metal scene was kinda pulling for them. That didn’t tell me much about the band other than the fact they had friends… what do they sound like? find out for yourself on this video from last year.


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