MIDI day 1 Quick Report


I had a great time at MIDI yesterday folks.. it’s not as far out of the way as last year but the compromise was that there wasn’t much grass around in the new location. Before i set out to day 2, here are a few notes that might prove handy:

1- plenty of food and drinks are available there. No need to really try and smuggle anything.
2- Great lineup of bands and it all sounds pretty good.
3- If you’re going by subway then shuttle, prepare to wait a bit for the shuttle. I had to let 4 of them go by yesterday before i could actually jump into 1. or pitch in with a few people and get into a black cab.
4- coming back is tricky with the subway closing early. better plan on the public bus instead to get back to town.

some highlights:

Loved: XTX, Larry Graham, LMT Connection, Novaheart and the Kids Stage
Loved: The long island ice teas at 13 Club. perfect refreshment.

hated: No connectivity! 3G was useless and the phone towers completely crashed with the number of people there.
hated: 20 RMB chuanr… but still ate tons of them

more detailed stuff later.. and see you in the pit.

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