Quickslants: Hillbilly Jamboree, Devils, Wolf Down and more

you know when you’re racing and you get to that last turn before the straight line? this is what this weekend feels like here yonder. It’s that turn that you navigate gracefully and then give it your all. It’s a warm up for what’s to come over the next few weeks with 2 Kolegas 9 year anniversary, the Hanggai festival and of course, ‘dazeFEAST!
so, still some time before dealing with those… let’s see what we got in store:


Friday May 16:

Jungle Mico @ Temple
The sad news is making the rounds! Clement, lei bao, is gone back home. Don’t worry about the how or why but get your ass the Temple and raise a glass to the man. Having Mico and hist trio of electro rock is not a bad soundtrack while we reminisce.

Fleshgod Apocalypse @ Mao
Italian Deathmetal…. do you need more information? I didn’t fucking think so.

Ska night @ 2Kolegas
after months of being inconspicuously absent from the listings, 2 Kolegas is back roaring just as the weather gets better. tonight, SKA night with Rolling Bolling and Early Bus.
That grass is looking good and the new staff is starting to get a hand of it.

Saturday May 17

Country Hillbilly Jamboree @ 3 Shadow Art Gallery
Ok, it’s fucking in the middle of nowhere but there are 5 decent bands out there, lots good drinks and food and it’s a building designed by a controversial big guy. 2 to 10 pm, free… it’s a summertime picnic y’all and you shouldn’t miss it. Did I mention free?

The Diders @ School
Ok, I’m on the bandwagon. Talent is not the best but there is no denying the attitude of this band! you want punk? They’re gonna give your fucking ass puck and even more. careful, you might see more than you bargained for.

Hard Rock @ 2 Kolegas
DEvils at the Crossroad, End of the World, Never Before… heavy night, lots of fun people and we’re gonna scream the night away. Perfect timing.

Ember Swift @ Blue Stream
my fav rock n roll mamma comes back to the stage after spending some time on Chinese national TV… she’s freaking talented and can put on one hell of a show so if you happen to be in the area, get your ass to blue stream

Tuesday May 20

Wolf Down @ Mao
German female hardcore outfit coming down to Beijing and bringing out the hardcore groups. Unregenerate blood of course along with Saving Molly and The Reason. Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday night.