Hell Yeah: Rustic Reunites with Original Lineup

It seems like forever ago when this little band from China went on and did pretty big things at the Global Battle of the Bands winning the China, Asia and World legs..

In the year that followed, Rustic managed to release their debut album and headline quite a few of their own tours before shit hit the fan and egos got in the way.. predictable result was a good old fashioned split with Ricky Sixx leaving the band.
They carried on without him for the better part of a year but the realities caught on and the name “rustic” slowly vanished from concert bills everywhere…

(from Douban)

(from Douban)

until now that is. I ran into Lucifer yesterday and he confirmed, straight from the horse’s mouth, that the trio was back together, rehearsing and will be at the 2 Kolegas birthday bash this coming saturday. Hell Yeah… bring back the onstage antics, the buttless leather chaps and the attitude.. cuz we’re ready for your baby!

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