2 Kolegas Photo Essay: Keeping Beijing Exciting, 1 Night at a Time

it’s really hard to imagine life in Beijing without 2 Kolegas… really!
People keep asking me what the hell is so special about this place that makes you such a fan boy, drinking the cool-aid and always pushing it forward.

2 Kolegas

And the answer is never simple! 2 Kolegas is not just a bar, it’s not just a live house, it’s not just the roast lamb. It’s a lot of things that come together in a unique way and make going there night after night so special! I’m never gonna be able to do it justice but on their special 9th year anniversary, i figured i’ll let the pictures do the talking:

It’s a story of people.. of friends.. that hang out without pretence! The bar owners, the musicians, the artists (often all one and the same)
2 K Gao Feng

It’s a story of amazing people from all over the world coming together and calling this dive hole home. Calling this dive hole the most comfortable place in Beijing!




It’s the faces that were there day in/day out and have had their lives marked by 2 Kolegas… they’re the fixtures, the proverbial chair in a corner that’s always there!

Tofu Mushroom

new folks





It’s about the music and the weird grouping that sometimes, when the cows went home, come out of those cranky distorted speakers.



It’s not always about people though, and that’s 2 Kolegas… When i say a big diverse family, i mean it:


And it’s about full bellies because god knows we need something to soak up the alcohol, right?


Although word to the wise…. falling asleep on the worn out sofas might just result in extra good times, at your own expense!
don't sleep

【2Kolegas 9th Anniversary: May 23-24; Saturday Preview】
Youth is fleeting, life is short and one of Beijing’s greatest music venues turns nine. There should be no doubt in your mind as to where to party this weekend: at #2Kolegas of course! Festivities on Saturday May 24 hint to an unforgettable party fueled by rockabilly and rock n’ roll tunes, dancing feet, mojitos, beer, chuan’r, clay oven pizza and drunken shenanigans until the early morn.

#BeijingRockabilly Sweethearts DH & The Chinese Hellcats, indie rockers Residence A, Northwestern folk rockers Lidong and DJ Niu Mu will be keeping silence at bay with their tight performances and quality tunes. Entrance is free before 9pm, and 80 RMB thereafter. Support a great venue; see you there!

I’ll see you at the drive-in.

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  1. May 23, 2014

    […] the post and see all the pictures here. The anniversary party starts at 9pm. 2 Kolegas will also host the final installment of dazeFEAST […]