Quickslants: Sepultura at Zhangbei, Suyang, Devils, Bastards, Mademoiselle and more

world cup is over folks.. world cup is over… scream it out loud!
Now we can get back to our regularly schedule programming of getting smashed at live houses, hackling bands and being merry… well, at least with the bands that are not off touring wherever. Joking aside folks, just in time to get back into the groove, we’ve got one of the strongest weekends of music in while. I’m not gonna be around to enjoy most of it but you, my pretty babies of the rock n roll, can get out and have fun.

Zhangbei Festival
Sepultura headlines a really understated Zhangbei Festival. Either i have not been paying attention or they have not done a lot of advertising. Still, if you can get out of Beijing now, you might still be able to catch the Brazilian Metal legends who play tonight (Friday)
more information and tickets here: http://en.damai.cn/event/tickets_68371/

for those in town, you still got some juicy option:


Friday July 18th

Wild Party @ 2 Kolegas:
Devils at the Crossroad, a reunited Rustic, Lost Crasher and YUMBI(never heard of them) hit the drive in for what’s being labeled as a rock n roll pool party. Good hard rock on all sides, I’d be weary of that pool if i were you. just make sure it’s been cleaned recently. Either ways, i predict someone is gonna get thrown in at some point.

Punk Riot @ School:
A very interesting lineup is shaping up over at wudaoying: The Diders and Sochu Legion are know values that can put up one hell of a show. The intrigue comes in the form of Krane, Bastards of Imperialism and Spy Rat 51. Expect it to be sweaty, noisy and smoky…oh and yeah, probably loud too. Joking aside, The Diders are playing one of their last few shows with this current lineup so it’s worth catching them while you can.

Mademoiselle @ Temple
The Canadian Mynx, Marie Claude, brings the jazz to gulou for an increasingly rare show at Temple. With her style, the intimate venue works really well and it should be a fun crowd. just make sure you’re up front so that the talking assholes next to bar don’t get in the way of you listening to music.

Jingwei’r Launch
This little zine has nine lives. The latest issue is being launched tonight at the Old What bar and that in itself is good enough. We never have enough excuses to head down over there for a chilled evening. Expect weird music.

Saturday July 19th

Suyang et co @ Poly
The Poly theatre is really waking up as a music venue and hosting a shit load of events lately. The latest one is a series of 2 shows where on saturday, none other than Su Yang and Shan Ren, have the pleasure of entertaining you. This is one hell of a solid lineup in a state of the art facility and prices ain’t bad. Maybe we actually do have a live music venue in Beijing.


All of them @ Mao
didn’t know what else to call this. Residence A, Tookoo and Twinkle Star get to the old Mao live for a little fun dancing gig. It’s not music that will save your should but they’re all genuine and into what they’re doing. and they can groove.

Sunday July 20th

weird shit @ XP
OK.. i would normally never recommend this but i am intrigued. Cassette, which have apparently grown a lot. Illness Sickness, who were last seen demolishing the 2013 ‘dazeFEAST. Just these two names are good enough reason for me to head over.

anyways folks, as usual, mileage varies and there are a lot more shows in town.. these are just my picks.

see u in the pit

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