Temple Turns 3: An Altar of Rock n Roll, Excess and Good Times


It’s really been 3 years? I mean it doesn’t seem like there was a gulou dong da jie without Temple at any point in time but yeah, that little venue has made its mark on the nightlife of Beijing.
I remember going there when it first opened and feeling let down completely
The place was smokey beyond belief, the sound was crap and the staff had no clue but made up for it with a stream of free shots to make you forget what was going on.

Fast forward 3 years… what a change…maybe…

The place is still a smokey as they come but i’d hate to imagine what it would be like without those giant extractors.
The sound has its moment but it’s been overall better, especially if you’re stage side listening to the band as opposed to flirting and talking at the bar.
The staff is now seasoned professionals that kick ass, complete with earpieces for communication and what not. And commander Pink is still dishing out them shots like no one’s business.

What has made Temple special though IMHO is that it was opened by musicians for musicians as a place where they wanted to hang out. And guess what, the musicians are there hanging out! On any given night, the who’s who of Beijing’s Yaogun scene is at Temple having a drink, a burger or discussing a gig etc… How did they do it? consistency!

You don’t have to be the best, you just have to be consistent. And Temple is consistently open serving up the good times. I could go on a small rant about it but I’d rather celebrate this and wish the crew a happy 4th year anniversary with many more to come.

The celebrations kick off tonight and here is the schedule:

Thursday July 24th
Seven Light Years, Los Crasher, Devils at the Crossroad

Friday July 25th
The Diders, Hell City, Rolling Bowling

Saturday July 26th
Luv Plastik, The Big Wave, WHAI

Sunday July 27th
Groove Collective, Tavey Lean, & Solid Gold Machine

4 days of good wild times folks… I expect a lot of chaos, drunken madness, fun and late late late nights.

So, for those about to rock, we salute you!!

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