Rare slants: CRI Awards, Hanggai, Drunk Punks and more.

Houston, we have a pulse..
Houston, we have a pulse..
There is some action in the capital and you need to get out there as the offerings are pretty good. Let’s get going with recommendations!

Friday October 24th

CRI Soundstage Awards @ Tango
Wow.. Times have changed. I remember Soundstage coming to life and never expected them to last this long or to be this relevant. And yes, i do think they’re relevant. They’ve done a bang up job spreading the love and bringing in some nice unknown bands into the spotlight.
Their awards are a testament to that. They got Hedgehog, Residence A, Never Before and Poshugun playing. The Value is in the awards of course but my favourite part is the length they have gone to as far as compiling resources to help you know more about the bands. I’m still making my way through and there are some gems.
learn more http://english.cri.cn/12394/2014/09/22/Zt1261s845061.htm

Whai Anniversary @ Temple
2 years anniversary? I’m not sure that’s right as i swear i’ve know the band for at least 3 if not 4 but if they say so, I’m in. It’s a band that had really morphed a lot and can be considered fairly unique in this music landscape. Granted, i’d love to hear some new songs hey..
Girl Kill Girl comes out in support so be warned.

Nasty Ray @ Yugong Yishan

In the game of Hip-Hop in China, Nasty Ray has paid his dues representing Beijing’s underground hip hop scene. Ray has garnerd fame through years of hard work for his lifestyle with being support act for many famous international touring artist such as Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah, Das EFX, Kero One, Supernatural, Madlib etc.. Basically you get to see the granddaddy of Chinese Hip Hop while he’s still cool.


Hanggai @ Mako
Do i really need to explain? Hanggai is hanggai and anytime they play, we’re guaranteed one hell of a good time. In my case, there usually is a headache from too much vodka as well.
Mongolian throat singing, grassland melodies and good old rock n roll.. it’s gonna kick some serious ass!!

Beijing Drunk Festival
Basically a Punk Drunk version of dazeFEAST and i am sad i’m out of town for this one! I would love to support these guys.
A free, all-day punk showcase out in Tongzhou punk homestay DMC. Eleven bands including The Flyx, Shochu Legion, Bastards of Imperialism, Diseased Fruit, The Diders, Hoyodajiwa, Guiguisuisui, Bedstars, End of the World, Demerit, and then some give punk its day in the sun/moon light.

AIS @ Temple
yes, AIS… they’re back from the hiatus maybe as a one of. There was a time where i would travel to the other side of the city to catch their show. And Saturday gives you a rare opportunity to see what was one hell of a band come out and rock it. It would be interesting to see how they feel and if this can lead to a longer term project + new record.

BEME @ Yugong Yishan
Not my cup of tea but knowing the people behind this, i think it’s gonna be kick ass for the lovers of electronic music. The second night of BEME III brings radical electronic hybrids to Yugong Yishan’s stage. Perched at a critical point between avant-garde and “familiar” music, this night is the centerpiece of BEME III, presenting dark bridges between punk, post-rock, noise, improvisation, live electronic music, and spheric DJ soundscapes. It starts with an inflammatory synth-grind set from SPY RAT 51, the newest enfant terrible side project of Li Qing and Li Weisi (Snapline / Soviet Pop). From there we reach the future rock styles of Shanghai’s most progressive band, Duck Fight Goose, a four-piece unit slowly evolving into a post-machine sonic hybrid. DFG will debut a radically new set at BEME III.

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