Are the music festivals back? We hope! Welcome back Strawberry

I’ve maintained that there was nothing good to write about so i stopped writing for a while, a long while. Now, this morning, for the first time in a long time, i got something of good news:
The Music Festivals are coming back to Beijing.. kind of!


Modern Sky’s official weibo sent in the new today and it made me jump up and down like a giggly little teenager. They set dates for their festival and a location that is not in tongzhou.

We’re talking the jing-jing-ji are where basically halfway between beijing and tianjin, 50km away.
Looks like there will be camping and by golly, there might be boozing since we will be way from the constraints of “downtown”.

now, let’s wait on midi! here is the official wechat message!



选址面积更大 接轨国际标准


of course, anything can be cancelled but i’m guessing that the folks at Modern Sky are already pretty sure this is taking place. Let’s just see how fast they can book international names.