Quickslants: Americana, MATZKA, 3 Years of AIS, Jeff Lang and more

I had to try and get in an early quickslants this week folks because there are just way too many good things happening in town with Jue Festival action as well as a stronger than usual lineup that might get lost around. I mean, i’m kinda pissed off that i’m probably missing all of it due to bar commitments but that doesn’t mean you can’t go, right?


Wed Mar.13 // Americana Workshop – Jianghu
Randy Abel and Liu Yusi combine forces tonight to answer all your American Folk Music questions and play a whole bunch of tunes for you all. Audiences are also encouraged to bring your own instruments, and participate in a folk jam at the end of the night. Free if you bring in an instrument.

Thur Mar.14 // Mongolian Bling – YUgong Yishan
Forget about nomads and monks! It’s hip-hop that’s making Mongolia move in the 21st century. Join JUE | Music + Art and the film’s director/producer, Benj Binks, for the China Premiere of insightful yet exciting new documentary, Mongolian Bling… Screening at 7:00ish followed by Q&A then performances from film stars Gennie and Quiza, Beijing MC Nasty Ray and members of Hanggai.

Fri Mar.15 // MATZKA – Mako Livehouse
This is one hell of a cool band from Taiwan. Reggae with aboriginal characteristics! I’ve been aware of them for a while now and they freaking rock!! Do yourself a favour and block out this date. I might have to close the bar for this one!

Fri Mar.15 // Play Ningxia – Yugong Yishan
Buyi, Lidong, Skarving and more head over to Zhangzizhonglu for a nice little Ningxia night. It’s weird to see it happening somewhere else than the drive-in but i guess it’s time to expand and reach new audiences. I’m actually glad to see it going this way.

Sat Mar.16 // 3 Years of AIS – 2 Kolegas
wow.. it’s already been 3 years? this band has gone through a few cycles since i first saw them at 2K almost 3 years ago. They travelled the world, broke up, got back together, released albums and generally somehow managed to stick around. Surprises have been promised but i’ll take this with a grain of salt… I’m hoping it means more bands as opposed to a solo set by Djan San :-p

Sat Mar.16 // Jeff Lang – Yugong
he’s apparently good, or so they tell me! Ok, i’ve actually heard some of the tracks on douban and it’s sounding quite good. interesting harmonies and a high pitched voice. He’s being touted as a guitar virtuoso but i can’t speak to that. On the plus side, the whole stable, Randy Abel Stable that is, rides along for this show.

Sun Mar.17 // Alan Paul @ Jianghu
Yes, he’s back! I refuse to call this a reunion show on account of a missing guitar player but it should nevertheless be interesting. Call it a sunday night trip into nostalgia as Alan Paul gets some of the boys back together for a gig over at the old digs. Expect a few Beijing old-timers to show up around for this one.

I think that’s more than enough to keep people busy for a few days. Keep in mind that gang of 4 is playing on the 20th (next week) with AV Akubo doing the opening honours.

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3 Responses

  1. Archie says:

    Jeff Lang is truly amazing – don’t miss the opportunity to see him. He usually plays 2.5 – 3 hours and he already has a pretty decent chinese audience. Last tour was 350 in Wuxi on a Wednesday night 🙂

    Thanks for the love Badr. We should do afterparties at the bar!

  2. Djang San. says:

    Thanks for the message Badr ! Hope to see you at 2K !

  3. Beijing Daze says:

    @Archie and @JSB gonna try but it’s highly unlikely i’ll make it to either show on time. well, depending on what time things start at 2K, there’s always hope.

    And Archie, yes… by all means, make it the after-party place 🙂 at least for non-smokers