Quickslants: Mademoiselle, Giants, Julio Baby, OOC, Punks, Intrepid Trouble and more

Last weekend was a balckhole of Capoeira.. i basically went in and didn’t come out until late monday night. Missed out on quite a few good shows apparently but oh well… Time however for music to take its due now and there is a nice set of gigs coming up to just do that! Let’s get started without delay


Thursday April 18

Mademoiselle @ Jianghu
The Canadian Mynx is back from an extended overseas trip that saw her play throughout north and south america. For a moment there, i thought Beijing might have lost her for good. No worries though, she’s back and we’re getting ready to get a dose of her addictive suave Jazz starting tonight at Jianghu. I could think of worse ways to start preparing a weekend.

Friday April 19

Death to Giants @ Old What Bar
Shanghai freak rockers, Death to Giants, along with DJ B.O are putting together a show featuring a collaboration between Death to Giants and DJ B.O known as Death to Cinema. DJ B.O will be screening hand-picked film clips while DtG improvises a soundtrack on the spot. Sounds pretty fun and freaky to me. Also a pretty good option is you can’t catch them at Temple Saturday night.

Worm is Green @ Yugong Yishan
Trip Hop from Iceland…. do i even need to say more? it sounds so bizarre that it might be worth checking out!
I honestly have no idea what to expect but it’s one of those things where if it sucks, you can head over to Cu Ju for 10rmb rum shots and make up for it.

Saturday April 20th

Dreammaker @ 2 Kolegas
Probably my gig of the week folks. OOC, whom i think of as one highly underrated band are returning to Beijing. They’re getting support from Jiu Bao ( 9 Treasures), The Intrepid Adventurers as well as NOWER and more. This is a good solid lineup and rates high in the bang for your buck category. I know where i’ll be

Death to Beijing @ Temple
If i don’t end up at 2K, then you’d likely find me over here checking out Death to Giants on their second Beijing night. They’ve been planning this one for quite some time and getting tons of hype for it from the likes of smartbeijing and cityweekend. It might also be a great opportunity to check out them burgers that they started selling recently 🙂

Randy Abel Stable @ Blue Stream
Another good option for saturday is them honky tonkers as they descend on the western side of gulou! Go west young ones and listen to songs about how my mama can beat up your mama, prison, trucks and even paddy o’shea. All in a nice little intimate venue before the band takes up the big stages of festivals and you can’t hang out with them again.

Sunday April 21st

Julio Iglesias @ Beijing Exhibition Center
yeah, that Julio.. the one and only! he made ladies weep all over the world and in more languages that wikipedia has. He’s still around and kicking! I guess he’s also back to Beijing 20 years after his first appearance and will still be singing about all the girls he loved before.

Happy Coochie @ Yugong
4th year anniversary party of Beijing’s own Hoochie Coochie Gentleman. These cats have been bluesing their way around the city for 4 lucky years baby and that ain’t easy!! not a bit! Come out sunday night if you’re not into old Julio for some of that little old school sound.

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