Quickslants: Tambours du Bronx, New Shanren, Painkiller Fest and more

stop me if you have heard this before: here comes a crazy few days of too many decent/wonderful musical choices for us to deal with.
The onslaught began monday with no hype on that Mamer/Song Yun Zhe gig that ruby covered and there is plenty more headed to old smoggy. Let’s figure out what we’re up to over the next couple of days.

Thursday May 16th

Le Tambours du Bronx @ Poly Theatre
If you’re into percussions, there is no other place you’d rather be the next few days: Les Tambours du Bronx is a French industrial percussion band created in 1987. Les Tambours du Bronx has 17 musicians on stage surrounded by synthetic sounds, samples, and singing, all in time with the powerful rhythm…. in other words, for once, get out of the smoky slums and get thy rear end to the Poly Theatre

Bob Log III @ Temple
I don’t think he needs this plug but according to everything i read, this fella is quite the show. expect weird outfits, singing through microphones, girls on lap and god know what other kinds of weirdness taking place throughout the evening. It’s supposedly psychedelic experimental weird costumed rock.. Opening duties courtesy of Low Bow and the Intrepid Adventurers.

Friday May 17th

Painkiller Fest with Caliban @ Mao
our good friends from Painkiller Magazine are celebrating and they have invited some German friends to come along! Caliban, in the midst of their “we are the many” tour is landing in Beijing ready to kick some ass. Beijing’s latest metal darlings, The Falling, will also be on hand for the celebration. I’ve been pretty impressed with some of the stuff i heard from Caliban so far and seeing them in the Mao Pit might be one hell of an experience.

Ember @ Temple
She’s descending on Temple for one of the last shows she’s playing in Beijing this summer before she takes the band on an international tour. Always fun, with a good dose of attitude and a giant ass serving of talent. She’s one of my favourite performers in town. Hubby Guo Jian, of Long Shen Dao fame, will be on DJ duties for the evening.

Namo @ Jianghu
There was a time when when a Namo gig was enough to get the whole of Beijing’s underground music excited… I mean we were pissing all over ourselves for these and they were packed affairs. Well, the band is still around and kicking but not really the media darlings they used to be. Crosstalk folk rock, like no one else does it. Jianghu is a cool little place for them.

Saturday May 18th

Shanren Album Release @ Mako
the mountain men, original instigators and purveyors of Tractor Metal, are back with a new record and ready to take over where they left off over a year ago. I expect a decent turnout at Mako as well the traditional conga line we’ve gotten used to with Shan Ren. I’ve been taking the new record for a test drive the last few days and it sounds good but different from the last one… a lot more ethnic sounds that do come off a little different live. Either ways, it might qualify for show of the week and definitely worth heading out to shuangjing for.

Randy Abel Stable @ Temple
The rowdy american troublemakers are at it again.. gee, i feel like i’ve said that the last few quickslants but i can never get enough of them and they are one hell of a live act. Playing a free show at Temple is just the kind of environment where all hell breaks loose and you can dance the night away without being bothered by small details like the sun rising.

Eluvetie @ Yugong Yishan
Swiss Folk Metal… yeah, Swiss Folk Metal… I’m not sure i need to say anything else about this. If you read those 3 words and your interest is peaked, go. If it’s not, then the 300 rmb door price might be a bit stiff.

Sunday May 19th

Dream Festival Day 2 @ Chaoyang Sports Park
the little underrated, little advertised festival is having their second day with a solid little linup definitely worth paying 140 rmb for and even travelling an hour to the northwest side of Beijing. HIghlights of the day include Low Wormwood, Shanren and pop darlings Azure Ray.

of course, plenty of other little gigs all around town and your only problem might be your own laziness.

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