Quickslants: 2 Kolegas turns 8, Dong Zi and more weekend music

It’s a special weekend and issue of quickslants folks… heck, it’s a very short quickslants because the ever-biased me can only think of a handful of shows worth checking out this weekend: Friday night: 2 Kolegas, Saturday: 2 Kolegas, Sunday: 2 Kolegas…. I did mention that i was biased, right? If my bias is not enough, how about free entry and booze before 9:00 pm? get your ass moving Beijing!

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yeah, my favourite venue in town, by far, turns 8 this year.. 8 years of being around, delivering good times, good friends and some of the best parties in town. I don’t think anyone put it better than J-curls when it comes to talking about this little haven:

Jaime Welton ( Bad Mamasan ):
2 Kolegas is THE Oasis for the thirsty artist, Mecca of Freedom for the insane, and the world model of the perfect music bar.

I’m actually sadly gonna miss day 2/3 on account of being at the wedding of one of the owners of 2 Kolegas in Ningxia but by golly am i gonna make that first night count.

Thursday May 23

Return the Truth & Friend @ Mao
Harcore, moshpit, kids in caps, tattoos and a pit of stink that is Mao… for some folks, this sounds like heaven. Others though will read this and believe it’s hell. Either ways, you’ve been warned! Madness is delivered courtesy of Return The Truth, Spainter, Evoke, Nerve Resistance, Urethral fracture and Elephant. that’s a lot of bands right there y’all.

Friday May 24

2K Bash Day 1 @ 2 Kolegas
Beijing Beatles, Misandao, Devils at the Crossroad and more are awaiting your arrival at the drive in. Yours truly as well. This is probably a night that’s more relaxed than the saturday will be but a good opportunity to kickstart the weekend in style. less people = more free booze for everyone.

They Will Destroy You @ Mao
I’m basing this recommendation solely on the name of the band and on the fact that they will get extremely pissed off if you categorise them as post-rock. They are from Texas after all and they are heavy…

Saturday May 25

Dongzi @ mako
I’m a huge fan of dongzi and his brand of folk. It’s genuine, honest, full of flavour and melodies. New album has been in the making for almost 3 years now and it’s about time to let the beast loose.

2K Bash Day 2 @ 2 kolegas
This one is the heavyweight! SUBS, REsidence A, Perpetual Motion Machine, Steely Heart, Wu & the side effects, Buyi, Templo de Samba and even more… btw, it’s free before 9:00 pm. Did I mention that at all? It’s one hell of a lineup and a perfect excuse to hangout all day/night at the drive-in

Sunday May 26

Dodo’s @ Yugong
I got people I know who peed themselves when this gig was announced… that’s how excited they were! I’d go back just to see them do it in public again but alas, I’ll probably be too busy dealing with a baijiu onslaught.

2K Bash Day 3 @ 2 Kolegas
Probably the one day i would skip as it’s all electronica and Intro might be a better option for you if you’re into this. That said, also a good opportunity to spend some time outdoor while you can… before Beijing’s weather turns on you.

see u next week.

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