Quickslants: Goodbye Zac, Buyi 18, Jiangjinjiu 8 and more

Nothing a like a long weekend to bring out the fun good times in Beijing.. and the bands as well. What thing you can count on is pretty much 5 days that neither feel like a weekday or a weekend. I guess we’re caught up in the middle again. A lot of good shit gonna be taking place so let’s delve into it all:


Thursday June 6:

Illness Sickness & 16mn @ XP
interesting little combination here with two of the younger bands in the circuit that have recently undergone some lineup changes. I dig both and considering they’re also on the dazeFEAST lineup, you bet your silly ass I would endorse their show. Oh, they happen to both sound good.

Pharadon Phonamnuai @ 69
yeah, how is this for a curve ball? This dude is a classically trained jazz meister that has played all over the freaking place ( Kyoto, Europe etc..) He must be nuts to come here from Thailand considering this weird weather we got but he’s got chops and he’s playing quite the small intimate place. worth the rmb20 admission fee

Friday June 7

Hardcore @ School
Here is the lineup: Return The Truth, Unregenerate Blood, Own Up! Provocation just to name a few.. it’s basically the who’s who of hardcore bands in Beijing. School is gonna get sweaty, loud, with the bands in your face.

The Beijing Beatles @ Temple
anytime, every time, all the time… guaranteed to get you dancing and hopping no matter what.
These cats know how to work them mop tops and it’s gonna be all their loving, twisting and shouting.. just for you

Saturday June 8


Goodbye Zac @ Blue Stream
Zac has been around since the Spring Autumn dynasty basically. He’s played drums for the original Monkey King and taught Jackie Chan how to bang them skins. yeah, that long. He’s bringing along his 8 bands to Blue Stream Bar for an evening filled with fun, joy, kickass music and chest hair.

Friend or Foe @ Temple
Actually it’s one hell of a lineup too with Shanghai’s friend or Foe, Residence A and a reunited yantiao.
Good solid lineup, some pretty cool rock n roll and Temple on a fake saturday night. Can’t argue with that much except for the show up above

Sunday June 9

The Dune Rats @ 2 Kolegas
it’s gonna be rainy, so how about some rock n roll that’s being imported all the way from Cali? The boys are landing in Beijing and pretty much playing 9 gigs in 9 days so why the fuck now. Some people seem to make a good big deal out of them.

Monday June 10

18 Years of Buyi @ 2Kolegas
we’re basically starting what’s gonna feel like 3 days non-stop at the drive-in. It’s maybe worth considering bringing a sleeping bag over there and just staying all 3 days. Buyi is as close to a house bands as they will ever have and in their 18th year, they are going to break it all down, flip you around and get you howling at the moon. I expect noodles, sauce and ningxia rock

Tuesday June 11

jiangjinjiu turns 8 @ 2Kolegas
I warned ya.. it’s the 2 kolegas 3 days. How about another music venue deciding to hold their anniversary party there? granted, Jiangjinjiu has been under the threat of demolition for as long as i remember so it’s no surprise that they can’t handle anything massive. that said, they’re gonna be putting on one hell of a concert at 2 K with Buyi, Qiao Xiaodao, Zhao Muyang, Song Yuzhe, Mirror, Tulegur, Ajinai, Li Dong, Zhao Laoda and Whistling Chambers. Extra Bonus: Lao Da and his little brother on the same day!!!!

Celebratin Jazz @ yugong Yishan
you can either go get dirty or go get some culture.. that’s the message for Tueday. Big names gather at Yugong for some amazing soul soothing jazz performances that are sure to tickle your funny jazz bone so go for it.

Wednnesday June 12

Flea Market & Suffocated @ 2K
yeah.. an all day flea market, weather permitting. followed by one of the weirdest lineups i’ve seen in a while: Suffocated, The K and Twinkle Star… emo punk, rockabilly and the godfathers of Chinese metal all in one stage for the night. The weirder the better i hear.

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  1. ruby says:

    Actually Wed’s line-up at 2K isn’t as strange as you think – it’s a longboard party – members of all 3 bands are part of Beijing’s longboard crew 😉