Quickslants: A Devil Goes Away, Metal Friendship, Contemporary Xinjiang and more…

devilsAugust is pretty much over and the bands are back in town after spending their summer touring around the country taking part in countless festivals. gemenr men and jiemenr men, welcome back. It’s been a bit quiet without y’all.
Heck, sign that we’re back to business: 2 Kolegas started updating their feed and show listing after a month of “bleh”.. i love those busy but they can be frustrating.

Alright, let’s see what’s cooking tonight.

Friday August 30th

Hao Yun Rock Show @ Yugong Yishan
Man.. they pulled off all the stops for this one and got the who’s who of rock/metal/heavy music in Beijing to stop by Yugong Yishan for the night. I mean if this list of names doesn’t look like namedropping, I don’t know what is:
Yeah… I have no idea how they plan to conduct this thing because they could be at it all night. I mean this is festival caliber list y’all.

Black Water @ Blue Stream Bar
Des & co are like a guilty pleasure. I like the music, I love the vibe and there are very few better ways to spend a musical friday than listening to them. Irish ditties, Des’ witties.. throw in a white russian and we’re in Business

Rock to Jazz @ 2 Kolegas
Rolling Bowling Rolling Rolling and Mademoiselle head over to the drive in for a jolly good evening of dancing tunes. Both are Marie Claude is back on heavy rotation after having weird road summers all around the big silly. With weather this good, this might be the perfect time to get out there and enjoy that little piece of Beijing heaven. Rolling Rolling, the other band on there, i just have no clue about.

Saturday August 31st

Devil be Gone @ Temple
I haven’t spent much time at Temple recently but tomorrow, you can count on yours truly being there to see off Joris, lead singer of Devils at the Crossroad. They’ve put their mark on this city as a trio over the past two years, played for bar and festival audiences throughout China and it’s time to say goodbye, at least to this itineration of the band. The party will hurt afterwards, be warned my little children of the rock n roll.

Stable Release @ Jianghu
yeah… i think i spoke about this one already.. if you haven’t heard, you really tried hard not to pay attention because it’s everywhere. That said, the release already happened.. get yourself some bluegrass y’all.

Sunday Sept 1st

New Xinjiang @ Mako
A weird but nevertheless extremely interesting combination of Xinjiang artists will descend upon Mako live house sunday night. This is based on a Canada-sponsored documentary about music in the far away province. Bringing the sounds of modern Xinjiang all the way to Beijing for one night only! Three of Xinjiang’s most inspiring contemporary bands are on the bill: Qetiq (Uyghur rock), Six City (Uyghur rap), Bilaye (Uyghur folk/jazz/rock)

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