ScarySlants: Ghoulish Rocks, Folk Benefit, Prince of Darkness and the Butterfly Return and more

warning Will Robinson, warning Will Robinson, we’re entering critical rock mode: It’s seriously scary to try and pick what to do-see over the next few days starting tonight, Wednesday. and I thought that we were gonna have a quiet few days… right… not!
Let’s dive head first in the belly of the ghoulish rock pit ahead ( that didn’t make sense now, did it?)

Wednesday Oct. 30th

IZ Album release @ Mako
The prince of darkness, Mame’r, and his acolytes put the finishing touches on a new record. By my count, Mame’r has now released a gazillion albums over the past year. This show was originally scheduled for last friday but it’s been moved to tonight for certain reasons. These guys make some of the most original music in China, bar none.

9th Xiao Suo Benefit @ 2 Kolegas
On the morning of October 30, music fans learned that Xiao Suo, guitarist and lead singer with the folk-rock band Wild Children, had died at the age of 34, from stomach cancer. Now, for the 9th time, friends and folkster gather together for a tribute show with the benefits going to support Suo’s widow and kids. It’s a community event and a great one every year. Tonight, Buyi, Lidong, Xiao He and Wang Juan all make an appearance. I hope you will too.

Thursday Oct. 31st

Let the ghosts and the evils of earth be unleashed on this one night… I think they meant shows in Beijing, because there are tons of them for halloween night baby. Let’s check it out
Third Annual Halloween Hoedown @ Yugong Yishan
The Randy Abel Stable does their yearly shindig again with the help of the Beijing Dead ( quite appropriate) and the Confectionaires. Expect a non-pretentious night with easy going tunes and tons of fun as well as a hella lot of Prizes to be given for Best Costumes.

The Virgins Happy Halloween at Mao
a shitload of bands, including Bad Mamasan, Jacky Danny, Era Rebels just to name a few will be on hand at Mao Live for this little shindig.. well, maybe not so little. 80s rock, some Metal, lotsa curly hair and tight pants. I guess my Axl Rose costume wouldn’t qualify for this one.

We want your soul @ Temple
As far as scary goes, this is really the scariest of all. Beijing Misfits tribute band, with who’s who of the punk scene from Shanghai and Beijing, makes an appearance. Devils at the Crossroads returns with a new singer and still seeking your soul. DJ compakt dicks, or his curls, will make an appearance. This IS the night to get lost and embrace the darkness… it..wil…be…ghoulish.

Friday Nov 1st.

Proximity Butterfly @ Yugong Yishan
One of the best non-Beijing bands in China graces the capital as part of their 10th year anniversary tour. I love this band and dig their style although i still question the choice of yugong as a venue for their sound. They need something darker/morbid. It’s definitely a great bill though with support from WHAI and The Dyne.

Altai Pulse @ Hot Cat Club
Xinjiang’s Bilaye and Inner Mongolia Taan Towich bring folk, rock and world music to the Hot Cat Stage. It’s a nice opportunity to try something something different. these two have been making the rounds in Beijing lately and i’m only hearing good things about them. worth a visit if you are in the area

In Music Gang 1st Anniversary @ Mao
the music promotion company celebrates 1 year in the business and they’re bringing out some big guns over 3 nights starting friday: Nanwu (where have they been?), Residence A, Finger Family, Neighbours and New Perfume will be the performers for night #1

Saturday Nov 2nd

In Music Gang #2 @ Mao
second night of the shindig sees less bands but bigger names: SUBS might be playing their last gig with Drummer Carl who’s set for a return to the land in down under (sob) + Thin Man and Hang on the Box who are both known for being major disappointments lately but have enough talent to put on one hell of a performance when they’re in the zone.

Sunday Nov 3rd
In Music Gang #3 @ Mao
Mao is pretty much the king of sunday gigs.. really. for night 3 of the In Music Gang shindig, they’re bringing the heavy hitters: Bing Yong, Ego Fall, Nuclear Fusion-G, Nine Treasures, A.J.K. and Nower.. lotsa young bands, all hungry and dedicated to doing something different and that is a woohooo.

Monday Nov 5th

Gacharic Spin @ Mako
the Japanese girl outfit is descending on Shuangjing again. They were here earlier this year along with Funky and wooed the crowds with their skills and stage show. There is no reason to think that monday will be any different.

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