Quickslants: Love n Rock, Ladies Rules and the return of music

Yes, chunjie is pretty much over and music life picks up again in old chokey on this double threat date of Valentine’s Day and end of Spring Fest.
So, what’s cooking? a few solid gigs to get us back in the mood but let’s get things started with a cute MV from the mad frenchman of music: Djang San:

She Wants Everything – Djang San
Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxos4tJw8Ys&feature=c4-overview&list=UUoHsXANCQsAFSzaGolFJYug

This has got to be my favourite one of his so far. The DIY is just genius and it’s very well planned. He might yet have a future in video if he decides one day to give up music.
but let’s get serious and look at some gigs, shall we?

Friday Feb 14

5th Spring Festival Rock n Roll Festival @ Tango
The who’s who of underground rock gets together in andingmen for a cool little gala, Rock n Roll style. A dozen bands, some good songs and probably tons of fun to be expected from the likes of Buyi, OOC, Ordnance, The Face, Misandao, Paradise, CMCB etc.. there are worse ways to spend RMB200

Chicago Brothers Album Release at Jianghu:
If the heavy stuff is not your cup of tea and you prefer some English lyrics over bluesy riffs, up and coming expat outfit, the Chicago Brothers, is releasing their album tonight at Jianghu. I’ve had a sneak peak listen and while we won’t say it’s earth shattering, it is some good honest to goodness down to earth blues. Very much worth a trip to the hutongs.

Saturday Feb 15th

Nova Hearth and Friends @ Yugong
Helen’s crew brings along DH & the Hellcats as well as Da Bang to have a nice old school party in zhangzhizhonglu. This is another kickass bill and an opportunity to catch DH who’s slowly coming back to stage after giving birth. I approve.

Whai @ Temple
Whai is going through changes but the driving force is still the same. While Liu Miao and Chen Zhong are no longer in, their replacement has proven more than able so far. In Temple, it’s intimate enough for the band to make a big bang with their industrial folk riffs.

Sunday Feb 16th

Before my Life Fails @ Yugong
Japanese Hardcore hits the city… what better way to spend a sunday night than sweat in a moshpit. local acts will be supporting this one.

Of course, as usual, plenty of other gigs around but these are the standouts.

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