Quickslants: Carsick Cars Roar, 2 Kolegas opens and Drunk is Beautiful

How you surviving them smoggy days y’all? been rough around here i hear but thankfully, i was busy elsewhere. Still, that’s no excuse to keep this space quiet with the temperatures warming up and all the bands coming back to town.
Originally, one of my recommendations was gonna be the Beijing Beatles last gig with Jorge (Troy) over at Jianghu but that has been cancelled last minute. Still, don’t despair, plenty of goodness out there. And who can be sad the weekend 2 Kolegas reopens for business?


Friday Feb 28

Carsick Cars @ Yugong Yishan
OK, I’m not on the bandwagon but this is a band that marked the Beijing underground. The new album sounds nothing like before and even displays some traces of thought and composition but I just can’t stomach it. Still many people like them and this is gonna be a packed affair! The Maybe Mars flag bearers are set to rock Zhangzizhonglu with support from Chui Wan.

Rock in Mao @ Mao Livehouse
Residence A, Steely heart, Pacololo and Fuzzy Mood combine for a nice friday night dose of indie rock, the good kind that is. I haven’t seen Fuzzy Mood or Steely Heart in quite some time so this might be my calling tonight. I’m also curious to see how changed zhaozhao is since he had started going for a makeover.

March 1st

BookSwap and Boardgames @ The Local
The march edition of the book swap and boardgames meeting takes place from 2 to 6 pm at the Local in that weird courtyard of sanlitun south.

2 Kolegas Reopens @ 2 Kolegas
when these lazy slackers get off their couches, put on their long underwear and head back to the drive-in, you know there is an end in sight to winter. There was talk of changing a lot of things in the place so we’ll see just how much. I did see a flyer advertising some electric psychedelic music but who cares, 2 Kolegas is open again.

Drunk is Beautiful @ School
Bedstars, The Mold, Dr. Liu and more of the bands that prove alcohol makes up for lack of synapses in Rock n Roll get together in the hutong to raise some hell, sing some punk, drink and eventually puke. You want alternative, they give you alternative!

As usual, plenty of gigs around including Live Journey’s album release at Yugong Yishan amongst others…. Rejoice, 2 Kolegas is Back

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