Punk, Pizza and Pogues: Lucky 8 questions with Lucifer from Rustic

Around a year ago BD & I headed out to Obiwan to see this little band our friend Peter had been raving about. According to him they were going to be the next big thing, and had just entered the Battle of the Bands. Well a few months later those 3 boys from Shijiazhuang won not only the China leg, but became the Global Battle of the Bands winners in London!

Rustic are now a well-known name on the Beijing scene and I seem to be bumping into the guys at gigs all over the city. Last Saturday night they were at Yugong Yishan for the GAR’s show and Lucifier kindly took some time out of his busy week to answer some questions about what he and the rest of the band have been up to recently.

1- What’s going on in your world? This is your chance to plug your stuff:

We have a show Nov 13th at sanlitun, in a club called Le. Nov 21th, we will go to Hong Kong as special guest for the China GBOB Final 2010. I think we will have good time there.

2- Back in April Rustic won Global Battle of the Bands. What was it like playing at the final in UK and what advice can you give this year’s Beijing winners – the Amazing Insurance Salesmen?

We have great time In Uk, even if we were so poor during the trip, everything is about money … the worst was that we lost our pizza in a backpackers in Newcastle, haha. I wish the band The Amazing Insurance Salemen will done a good job for this year GBOB.

3- I hear there are plans to go back to UK next year for a Rustic tour? Are you going to play ‘Anarchy in the PRC” for them?

I heard that too, but for the moment we don’t have any kind of details, including the play list!

4- When will we see a Rustic album coming out? Who’s helping you produce it?

Its will come out early next year, we are looking forward to that, Yang Haisong from PK14 is the producer.

5- You play guitar and sing in Rustic, but guitar is not your main instrument. What other instruments do you play and which is your favourite?

I play Clarinet for years now, I start in middle school, I love classic music, it brings me new things for composing music, I can also learn more things from it, take it to Rock Music, I think it helps me a lot. I also play Mandolin and Banjo, probably because I love Irish folk music, bands like the Dubliners, the Pogues and Dropkick Murphys.

6- I’ve seen you at a Blackwater gig, and I know you’re also a fan of Skeeter Davis. What styles of music influence you and how did you get into punk music?

I like the Singer from Blackwater (Ruby: that’s Des McGarry), they covered a lot of my favourite Irish traditionnal songs, like “Whiskey in the jar”. I will go to see them next show again. It reminds me a Irish drunk man who was dancing around me when was in Uk, and also my best friend from America named Brian Walker, we are really good friends, we always sing together around the Rivers. Those were really happy days.

7- Rustic and Resident A are playing a show at Club Le this Saturday. Club Le is more known for jazz than rock music. How did this show come together?

Club Le invited us, seems that they want to proposed every kind of music, then we have invited Resident A to play with us, we are good friends.

8- We all have our favourite places to eat before going to gigs, what are some of your favourite restaurants in Beijing?

The ones can makes me full within 10 kuai!

You can catch Lucifer and the guys this Saturday at Club Le in Sanlitun. I agree with BD on this one, I’m not sure if Club Le know what they’ve got coming! Rustic are going to rock this little jazz club with their punk anthems, high kicks and on stage craziness. I’m looking forward to seeing their friends Resident A again as well, they were one of the standouts at the Global Battle of the Bands final Beijing final.

Here’s where you can find more on Rustic:

Douban: http://www.douban.com/artist/rustic/
Myspace: www.myspace.com/rusticpunk


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  1. SQ says:

    These guys always put on a fun show, Saturday should be great!