Talent, Dreams and Fighting Darkness: 10 Questions with Rustic’s Lucifer Li

Extremely charismatic frontman, never out of sunglasses, looking all rock n roll with a style. Meet the voice of Rustic, Lucifer Li. Ruby had done an interview with Lucifer last year ahead of one of their shows. Now, I get to catchup with him before the album launch and see what’s he’s been up to.

1- What’s going on in your world? This is your chance to plug your stuff.

2- Congratulations on finishing the record. What do you think of it?

Thank you!I think its great!I love it,that’s our first record! it is diary of our life in these few years,what we think about the socity in these years too.

3- How did you pick the title “City of Heartbreak and Horror” ?

By the real things happened in our life,I think we are living in a city of heartbreak and horror,where terrible things happening all the time,junkie business,sad storys,love relationships breaking,broken family and Earthquake,this is really horrorable.
But when you listening the album,I think you can feel the positive energy inside,coz the people who are living there they have dreams,they are fighting in the darkness,they are putting on beautifull storys,they are wondering to make everything better and better,that’s what are we doing,coz we love each other and sharing things together.

4- Who wrote the songs one the album? all 3 members? you? rikki?

I wrote most of the songs,I also worked on some songs with Ricky.

5- Talking about the band members, can you describe each member in 1 word?

*Ricky: live wire
*Li fan: a Lady killer

6- What was the easiest part about recording the album? What was the hardest part?

7- You’ve been doing the music thing with Rustic for only a few years but it feels like you have done so much already that many bands in China only dream of ( playing in London, Kuala Lumpur, HK, winning GBoB) can you think of the TOP 2 good memories and TOP 2 bad memories from being in this band.

I feel like that we are pretty lucky for done that things,but we also work really hard,coz China is becoming more and more international right now,we want to play international rock n roll music too,we want to take all the opportunities we have to let more people enjoy our music,but actally it is still a long way to go.

Top 2 good memories:
1 a few years ago,when I just bought my first Electric Guitar,which cost 380 kuai,I saved money almost a half of a year to buy it,finally my dream comes true.
2 when I first arrived the airport in London,I feel like I am make a history

Top 2 bad memories:
1 when the band in Newcastle,there is crazy people call us yellow monkeys,make me just don’t what I can do.
2 When we played in Shanghai for the Gibson show,I took a taxi,when I just arrived,I found out I lost my phone,less than one minute later I called back,it is already turned off,I feel crazy,why the taxi driver can do it that quickly.

8- How do you parents feel about your career choice? is it better now that they see you travel and winning competitions etc ?

9- Let’s talk about GBoB for a while. How do you feel about the organization? Did Rustic get everything they promised them?

I am very happy with Gbob,they are great,they give us a lot of things we were dreamt of,the big stage,great travel and fantastic food.I am really appreciated all of that.
We are not get everthing yet,but we will go to England again very soon.

10- If you were not playing guitar and singing in RUSTIC, what would you be doing?

I am a Comedian.

Some cool and interesting answers about the record and the inspiration. In true Rock n Roll fashion, he answered only the questions he wanted. I would have been curious to hear more about the recording process and how difficlt it might have been to capture their live energy in a record.

Rustic album launch @ Yugong Yishan
friday April 22nd, 2011.
9:30 pm w/ Birdstriking in support
event link here

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