10 Questions With Yang Haisong- PK 14 is a Spicy Dish

I can’t claim I’ve been the biggest PK 14 fan over the years but they have definitely grown on me lately.. Much of it might be attributed to reading Dave O’Dell’s Inseparable and learning all about the band’s background. They’ve been pretty much in hibernation over the past 12 months and are coming out to play Friday night at Yugong Yishan along with Rustic and others.
I got a chance to ask their frontman, Yang Haisong, a few questions about the band and the new record.. Here is what he had to say:

1- Who is Yang Haisong and what are you up to? this is your chance to plug your stuff
–It’s me, singer of the band.

2- PK 14 has been around since 1997. What’s the difference between the band then and the band now other than you being the original member?
–Yes, we had new line-up since 2001, that’s biggest difference.

3- Your new album was recorded both in the US and Sweden if i remember correctly, was there a particular reason to do it in two different places?
–We recorded it in Chicago with Steve Albini and mixed in Umea, Sweden with our long-time producer Henrik Oja. Albini is one of our favorite engineer and musician, the sound he recorded and created are always amazing. We’re so exciting to work with him in his studio. And Henrik, of course, we had 3 albums together already. For us, he is the best producer.

4- The band was pretty quiet over the last year or so. Was that because you were busy with your side project, Dear Eloise, or did you get to do more with Dear Eloise because PK 14 was taking a break?

–For each of us, it was pretty busy last 2 years. Each person had to spend time to do business, job or family things. And also we spent lots of time to write this new album, we were really focus on it. that’s why we stop to play some old songs on stage almost over a year before we finish the new tunes.

5- I’m not big into labels.. that said, the band has been called many things by now: post-punk, Post Hardcore, Noise, Experimental etc.. How do you see it?
–I would say forget about it, we are 4 musicians who play music and enjoy playing together, that’s all.

6- Is Music now a full time job for you or are you still doing freelance work with book reviews and the like?
–No, it’s not my full time job. I’m a freelance producer as well.

7- There’s been a big spotlight on mainland music lately with bands like Rustic winning the Global Battle of the Bands and an increased number of local acts touring overseas. Is this the new golden age of Chinese music?
–Maybe, or maybe not. I don’t really care about it, I mean whatever the scene is getting better or worse, it’s not the thing that bands and musicians should concern to.

8- Any particular band surprise you lately with their sound?
–Massimo Volume from Italy, and Sixto Rodriguez from U.S., amazing lyrics and vocals.

9- Word Association: please write the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the following:

– Teens: anxiety
– Nanjing: home
– SUBS: a band
– Michael Pettis: good friend
– Beijing: hard like stone
– Baijiu: no,thanks
– Sweden: fresh air

10- If your new album was a meal at a restaurant, what would the dishes be?
–Spicy dish, love it or hate it.

There you have it folks.. a spicy dish awaits you…
Catch PK 14 Friday Night November 30th at Yugong Yishan along with Rustic and Skip Skip Ben Ben

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