3 Years of Pangbianr: RESPECT

man.. 3 years? When i started this blog, we had so many other portals discussing music in Beijing/China (remember Beijing Noise?) but with the years, a lot of these places have vanished or became shadows of their former selves. A few. however, are still going strong and one of them is pangbianr!
The man with the plan, Josh Feola, has been around the proverbial (Beijing) block a few times, neck deep in the industry but retaining an integrity and consistency you don’t get from everybody.
Doing bookings for d22? Check
Doing bookings for XP? Check
Being in a band? Check
Organising tons of music/art events? Check
Writing professionally about Music? Check
Beijing a nice guy? Check
Having a bad taste in Music? Check…. joking y’all

It takes balls, dedication and commitment to do what the guy has done and while i might not like any of it on account of my own personal tastes, one thing i have to give him is FREAKING RESPECT. He’s consistently talking the talk and walking the walk!


So, give the man his due and buy him a drink or two this saturday, June 1st at the newly opened The Other Place, a courtyard bar off Beiluoguxiang (map here)
If you’re so inclined, find out more about him from this interview he did earlier this year with Art Space China or this one by Slink Rat

Josh and the pangbianr gang, please keep it up!!

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1 Response

  1. josh says:

    thanks for the kind words, Badr!! hope to see you out and about at some point soon