The Little duck that could: Jingzun Peking Duck delivers great value for buck

Beijing sees a lot of duck battles with various restaurants trying to claim the “best duck in town” with Da Dong (3 branches) and Quan Ju De (12 branches) amongst the biggest names in the game. A few smaller names like xiaowangfu occiasianly pop up in the conversation but something bother me about the whole thing. A trip to Da Dong or Quanjude these days feels like work, it’s kind of lost its luster for me.

A recent stroll around chun xiu lu 春秀路 gave me the opportunity to discover a new little kaoya restaurant that could take the crown as my favorite kaoya destination for those days when i just want duck and don’t care about details: Jingzun Peking Duck Restaurant 京尊烤鸭店(map)


I walked in around 8:00 p.m on a wednesday night and the placed was moderately busy with ample staff as well as seating options on hand. The restaurant was clean and simplistic in its decoration with a mostly wooden feel.

The menu was simplistic with the standard chinese fare and had pictures, names in Chinese and English which is always a plus at it gives me a small idea of what i’m eating and takes away some of the guesswork that is brought on by my limited character recognition. The prices seemed average at first until I got to the duck page where to my surprise, it was priced UNDER 80 RMB…
I’ve seen plenty of ducks at that price point but never at a restaurant that had their own duck oven so color me impressed.

We proceeded to order the duckie and complement it with a few random dishes. Spinach & peanuts with wasabi vinegar and Eggs fried in green tea (or so the menu claimed).


I was curious about that egg dish and couldn’t wait to taste the strange combination. To my surprise, it was not actually green tea but Jasmin flowers. Yes, fried eggs with Jasmine flower.. never even considered that combination.


The duck in itself was solid! The skin was crispy without too much fat, the meat juicy and tender. It was presented with the usual assortment of cucumbers, chives, tofu skins and sauce. We were given a choice of what to do with the bones and we elected to have them used for soup which took a good 10 mn to get ready.



The whole meal along with a pot of chrysanthemum tea and some corn juice cost about 140 RMB which is more than fair and less than I would have paid for the duck alone in many other establishments. we were two at the time but this meal could have easily fed another 2 persons.


Overall, I’d give the experience an A and I will definitely be back. I’m adding this place to my list of “Value Premium” chinese restaurants that deliver as good of an experience as their highly famous/pricy counterpart for a fraction of the cost.

JingZun Peking Duck Restaurant 京尊烤鸭 (map)
Chaoyang Qu Chuixiu Lu Taiping Zhuang Nanli 6 Haolou Beice
tel: +86(10)64174075

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3 Responses

  1. aardvark_3 says:

    Glad to hear this place is worth a trip. I have passed it many times, as its very near my home, and keep meaning to stop in for a test run.

    Your review has definitely moved it up my list.

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    good to know 🙂

    I did enjoy the experience and will be going back there myself when i got a duck craving

  1. December 9, 2010

    Where is the best place to eat roast duck (烤鸭, kǎoyā, Peking duck) for less than 100RMB per person in Beijing?…

    for great value duck, I would highly recommend “Jingzun Peking Duck”. While the best, it’s more than authentic and definitely the best value for your buck duck-wise in Beijing. Here’s a review I wrote: