Freeloading: Download Djang San & Folk Trio Live @ Hanggai Festival

I was lamenting that this year, i really had not heard anything interesting coming out of the local music scene.. a really sad statement when you think about the number of bands i see and all the songs i listen to…. Until the Hanggai Festival day 3 came around that is!
Now, i’ve gone on the record saying that I’m just not a fan of the whole Djang San experimental solo stuff on more than one occasion.. I stick to my guns on that point! However, for the Hanggai Festival, the mad Frenchman showed up with a new band and they kicked some musical ass.
It was a nice blend of folk meets electro with some borderline Mongolian influences. Thankfully, someone had the great idea to lay some tracks and record the whole thing:


Here is what they have to say about it:

Recorded live at the Hanggai Music Festival, this live album is the first performance of Djang San + Band.
The idea of this band, formed by Djang San, is to put the Chinese folk/classical instrument Zhongruan at the center of the music.
Those five tracks are played by a trio, a zhongruan, a bass, and a drum, nothing more.
Enjoy !

released 19 June 2013
This album has been recorded live in Beijing on the 16 of June 2013 in a bar called «Mako Live » by Lorenz Kirchner at the Hanggai Music Festival.
All songs Mixed in Beijing, China by Lorenz Kirchner in June 2013.

On Zhongruan: Djang San (Jean-Sébastien Héry et de Galzain)
On Bass: Steno
On Drums: Carlo Valentin Fuentes

SO go take the album for a spin, download it, pay if you feel like it and keep an eye out for when these guys play again. I’ve known for a while that Steno was good on bass but that Carlo drummer dude is something else. He can put on a mean beat!

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  1. Pocoumel says:

    Thanks, great concert !

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