geek alert: Mobile monday in Beijing

yes, yours truly loves eating, drinking and listening to live music but deep inside, there is a certified geek lurking! This geeks worships the ground that Steve Jobs walks on but is immune to the SJ reality distortion field. This geek is glad to dump a Nokia N95-8GB in favor of a 3 years old win-mo phone because it can be tweaked with an alternative firmware that rocks/works. And this geeks loves geeky events ( IT and non-IT related).
Which brings us to Beijing Mobile Monday! In their own words, these folks:

Founded in January 2006 and with already over 3,000 members from over 1,500 companies, Mobile Monday Beijing is China’s leading information and networking event for the mobile industry. It has two objectives:
– Promote innovation and help establish local and international cooperations
– Promote Chinese companies to a foreign audience leveraging the Mobile Monday Global Network

In other words, if it’s got to do with mobile technology in Beijing, this is where it’s at!
Shanzhaiji or bandit phones
It’s a shame that their meetings are in Haidian district but not everyone can be perfect. That said, there last gathering in regards to “bandit phones” or shanzhaiji (山寨机) was a classic. It was quite enlightening to see the underground side of the mobile phone industry and how these folks are competing against the mainstream companies. (more about the bandit phones here)
For example, did you know that there are over 5 different Chinese manufacturers shipping phones with Google’s Android already while HTC has only managed to get 1 model out and the other big players like Samsung and Motorola are somewhere in between announcing Android phones and thinking about them?

cool stuff out there folks… so if you’re interested, click on over to and learn more about the group as well as the upcoming events! I promise you, most geeks don’t bite ( unless you ask them nicely)

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