The geeks are back in town

I don’t want this to be a mere linkup so I’ll throw in a song for free… I’m hoping Thin Lizzy doesn’t sue me or something (and I love the song)…

Guess who just flew in today?
Them iphone totting geeks that been away

bringing change – so much to say

But man, I still think them cats are crazy

They were asking the VCs about rounds

how the next gem could be found

Told them Haidian was the right place in town

driving all the incubators crazy

The geeks are back in town
The geeks are back in town
The geeks are back in town

geekier I was about to write a post on the topic of Geeks on a plane coming to Beijing and why people should care/come even if they had anything planned when I saw Elliot Ng‘s fantastic piece on the topic over at I didn’t think of much to say beyond what he already wrote in his ” Startonomics Beijing 6/11/09: Suit Up For Startup Boot Camp” post. I highly encourage and wholeheartedly recommend folks read that article and show up.

Here is a sample:

Dear reader, please raise your hand if you think its easy to start a successful high-tech business.


Now raise your hand if you think it’s easy to start one in China.

If you still have your hand up, you’re mentally insane. Please contact me so I know never to give you one yuan/dollar/euro/Gold Kruggerand of my hard earned money.

But if you’re not insane, and are seeking to realize entrepreneurial success in China (no I don’t think that fully counts as insanity), you should attend Startonomics Beijing on June 11, 2009. It just might turn startup failure into survival, and startup survival into success. >>more

He’s a lot smarter than me and I would tend to follow his advice 🙂

I’ll wait for songwriting offers to come my way after Kaiser Kuo plays guitar to my new hit song! There’s gotta be a niche market for geeky song alterations! In the meantime, learn more about Geeks on a Plane at and follow them on twitter at @geeksonaplane or #goap. Also, don’t forget about the exclusive after-party: Geeky Chic Beijing

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