Man pays thousands to play RPG fame On the Giant screen at the Place

I’m not much of a gamer but this is just uber cool!!!

a Man reportedly payed about 5000 Euros to play 10mn of the RPG game on the gigantic 250 meters long, 30 meters wide LCD screen. The damn thing covers an area of 7500 square meters!
Check out this video on Youku:

How cool is that? Anyone wanna pitch in so we can rent that thing out and do a Lord of The Rings Marathon there this spring? It reportedly costs RMB4500/mn to rent the screen so with a running total of about 8 hours, that’s about 480 minutes or 2.1 million RMB
That’s definitely a cause worth raising money for…

see original report on sina:

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  1. murugaraj says:

    i am studied in mechanical engineering-3 year