This ain’t no cultural abyss: Beijing Indie film festival

There are always complaints about how not much happens in Beijing and how it’s devoid of culture with a distinct lack of choices for entertainment unless it involves going to a bar and getting smashed. In some aspects it’s true but the way I see things, it closely related to that metaphysical question about ” If the tree falls and no one is around to hear it, does it really make a sound?”

So, who has heard of the “New Beijing International Movie Festival” ? that’s what I thought.
filmfest banner
I cam across their website by accident last night and was quite surprised that no one I knew had mentioned it at all!!!! It’s lasting 2 months in venues scattered around the city with an extremely solid line-up of titles showing for FREE… yes, FREE as opposed to the ridiculous 70RMB you’d have to pay to get into a movie theater in the capital.

At this price, it’s even cheaper that the DVD stall around the corner..that is if you can even find them as said stall. And it’s also a perfect excuse to go out and check out some of those spots away from the usual sanlitun hideouts where you’ve been hibernating since last winter. There are shows scheduled at YugongYishan, The Boat, White Rabbit and Obiwan which are all conveniently located.
Again, the list of movies is quite impressive with a wide variety of genres as well as languages. Chinese, English, Spanish, German are all part of the party.

The website is user friendly and well done, all while being bilingual! you have access to show schedules, maps of the venues, movie summaries and so on… It is one of the better sites I’ve seen out there in terms of quality and content communication!

So call up a few friends, get out and go catch a movie somewhere… And next time someone mentions how there is not cultural interesting events in Beijing, please feel free to correct them. I know i stand corrected!

Beijing Film Fest:

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