chinglish: not a dirty word anymore

How many times did you walk down the street or down a supermarket aisle and stop to stare at a sign then go: “ha ha ha… this is so funny” ? Chinglish is a commonly used term referring to bad English translations of Chinese. It has a website dedicated to it as well as its own wikipedia entry.
Wikipdia reads:

The term “Chinglish” is mostly used in popular contexts and may have pejorative or derogatory connotations. The terms “Chinese English” and “China English” are also used, mostly in the academic community, to refer to developing Chinese varieties of English .

I, for one, don’t think that it is or that it should necessarily be derogatory! Just like other languages have brought in a few new words into English, so should Chinese… and I’ve encountered the real Chinglish yesterday or maybe it’s better to say that I got schooled by the one and only David Feng in Chinglish yesterday through twitter (
it all started with this tweet that had me spitting out my coffee:

Can I say this — there are some real a**h**** in the Beijing Subway. (There are some in Shanghai as well, but the Jing — shability — OM*G!)

followed by:

@beijingdaze Add niubility and zhuangbility to the list (zhuangbility = Shanzhai niubility aka real-life shability). 🙂


@beijingdaze Oh yeah and also these: Jinginess and Shanghaiability… ;-P

that just made my day.. thanks David!