oh baby.. I can still light that fire

A recent trip to the Beijing airport brought on a welcome and surprising change for all smokers! We finally got the answer to “WTF are they doing with all the lighters they confiscate or we throw away?

Well ladies and gentlemen, they give them back in a roundabout kinda way, at least in Terminal 2!

As I was exiting the luggage area on monday morning into the arrival hall, my eyes spotting a huge bin filled with all types of lighters and matches presumably taken the day before or so. There were a few folks digging through it looking for the better quality ones but those were long gone (if they ever made it there).

Still, it was a welcome solution and we now have the means to light up without buying a new lighter when we land.. good news for those of us that need their filtered air.

Can anyone confirm they do the same in Terminals 1 and 3?