no, you won’t get together.. this definitely doesn’t feel alright

I wrote about Together Bar closing last week and how sad it was to see the place go.. I was looking forward to heading there tonight for one last evening of “getting together and feeling alright” but alas, it’s not meant to be.. Got some sad updates over the week from Robin regarding the fate of his place and It’s beyond sad… it’s a travesty!

What's left of Together ( from

What's left of Together ( from

Dear friends,
There is one thing very bad now happened. we have to cancel the party and closed right now.
Together bar was robbed last night and they took everything and damaged the rest.
we’re very sorry about that and it’s a such a big pity that we can’t celebrate for the last night.
keep in touch for future.

昨天晚上together bar被盗窃了,他们拿走了全部有价值的东西并且砸毁了剩下的。


hey guys,
people who robbed us, their target is kicking us out here.
they broken many things after taking valued stuff, and also put a dead bird body in front of door. they tried very hard to break the bar table, that’s not the thieves action.
we are living in the god damn it society, we don’t have other option of the reality. the last thing we could do is, come together bar and have the last time, that’s many guys are doing right now.
without AC without big sound systems, even no bar table, but the friendship from all of you, we will remember forever.
we are staying here right now but maybe move tommorrow or the day after, so if you want to come by and say bye bye with judy and robin, you are welcome

Beijing Boyce reported earlier about the events on super bar street (here and here )and this seems to be no different! I’m not sure what’s the point of bringing thugs in to kick people out when they’ve already taken the steps to get out on their own… Is it such that a few days makes a big difference in the demolition derby schedule? WTF???

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2 Responses

  1. BC says:

    Dead bird on the doorstep?

    Obviously the work of cat burglars.

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    nah.. me thinks it was the dog trying to frame the cat…
    a real cat would have eaten the bird and just left the bones 🙂