60th anniversarry blabbers


So, it’s happened and it’s gone.. Now, we can revert back to our regular programming of Dazed n Confused in the ‘jing with all that implies! However, a few quick slants about yesterday that stood out:

– The morning and evening parts were completely and utterly different in purpose and planning:

The military parade was a display of the PRC’s might for everyone to see, a clear “we are an 800lbs Gorilla and here is the proof!” It also served to reinforce and assure the locals that The Party had it all under control (for many reasons which I’m not interested to go into) There was nothing sensational about it as it was all weaponry was seen before in some way! but still, the sight of fighter jets in the Beijing skies, tanks in the streets and knowing that nuclear missiles were within a few kilometers of my flat is as much as i can handle.

The evening show was party by the central government for the local population! There was no intention or whatsoever to make it foreigner-friendly. My Chinese friends were pissing themselves in excitement and joy over the performances and performers. They absolutely loved it and felt is was the biggest national extravaganza ever! I enjoyed the class and diversity of the show! The choreographies were amazing and so was the lighting. That said, I’m aware that a lot of fellow bloggers/twitterers in Beijing found it boring and bland as evidenced by their live tweets during the event. All I can say is “sorry folks, wasn’t for you!”… the choices of music, songs (including the little techno part) were exactly what you’d get at a local celebration, just on a grandiose scale and in the biggest stage of them all.

– There was no razzle-dazzle throughout the day! both display were well executed and extremely solid… It almost felt like the country was announcing to the rest of the world that “we’re here!!! you know it, we know it so no more monkey business!”

– Traffic in Beijing recovered rather quickly from the whole thing and establishments that feared an 8 day-shutdown were open for business that evening.


– Can we see the ladies in red uniforms again please? Those steel roses were yummmyyyyy

– WTF is up with blue camo patterns for tanks and trucks? isn’t camouflage all about blending in with the environment?

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  1. ChinaMatt says:

    I didn’t get to see the evening festivities (it was too early in New Jersey to watch online), but I probably would’ve had a good time if I had been there.

    Supposedly the blue camo is for vehicles that would be near water and/or launched from a ship. I was wondering more about the box-like pattern of the paint. Do other countries do that now or is it just China?