Beijing Quickslants: This week’s cool shows

A couple of cool shows taking place the rest of this week around Beijing. We’re blessed with a great variety of options from established acts to underground ones but here are the standouts IMHO for this week:

music to cleanse you by :-)

music to cleanse you by 🙂

Wednesday Oct. 14 :

“Freshly Ground” Playing Yugong Yishan (map) ! Cools South African band that comes in recommended by some Cape Town friends. Might be worth a look just to see something different.

Friday Oct. 16:

“24 Hours” playing at D22 (map)! These cats been rocking Beijing for over a year now and if you’ve ever needed a reason to get over to Haidian and D22, this is it! They’re releasing their debut album on Maybe Mars records. “Rustic” amongst the supporting acts. Here’s an interview with the band on

– And the one reason not to get out of the comforts of Chaoyang is that “The Subs” are fixing to rock 2kolegas (map). These cats can punk it out with the best of them and it might be one of the last weeks this year to enjoy the outdoorsy atmosphere of 2kolegas.

Saturday Oct. 16:

– If you miss “The SUBS” on Friday, you can still catch them on Saturday at Mao Livehouse (map) along with Steely Heart.

– Good old metal at 13 Club(map) in Haidian. Get the leathers and spikes out for “Sad Until Death” with support from “Silent Resentment” and “Dengel Toreador”. I get all pumped up just from reading typing those names

– Sunday Oct. 17:

I would go out of my way and head out to Ginkgo (map) for Beijing’s own Xue Tin, a multi-instrumentalist who plays many unusual instruments including Sitar, Cholr (Mongolian pipe), Kazhak Dombora and the Jews harp. This show is being advertised as “Sitar Man Live” so expect a lot of Indian Rhythms . That just sounds like one hell of a combo, worth a ride to Andingmen.

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