Michael Jackson:This is it Premiere in Beijing

One of the advantages of living in Beijing as opposed to many other cities is better access: access to movies, groceries, cultural events, etc… And world premieres are also becoming a norm with many movies premiering in China/Beijing on their worldwide release dates. Michael Jackson: This is it is one of them.

It made it onto select movie theaters in the capital at midnight sharp on October 28th and I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the first showing at UME in Viva Mall. They had the movie on 3 different screens and it was all sold-out by mid afternoon. Tickets were RMB60.

If you’re an MJ fan, you don’t have to wait until it makes it at your corner DVD shop, get out and go catch it on big screen!




The crowds were extremely well behaved and not a noise came out during the show! I must admit that was a stark contrast to my last time in a movie theater in China where the smell and sounds of popcorn overpowered anything else.

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