2010 Beijing Museum Pass

The 2010 Beijing museum pass is out folks! A mere RMB 80 gives you access to over 60 museums in the capital like the illustrious “tap water museum” or even the “Confucius Temple”.


It’s actually a pretty sweet deal considering the savings and it’s a good reason to get out there and experience some more of what good ol’ Beijing has to offer!
Last year, they mentioned that it gave access to over 80 museums whereas now, the site specifies 60.. I’d be curious to see which ones were left out and why but in the meantime, that’s still 60 cool places to check out and be educated in the finer cultural aspects of whatever :p

unlimited free access to the world's only tap water museum

unlimited free access to the world's only tap water museum

Some of the major sites covered by the Museum Pass are:

  • Capital Museum
  • Beijing Planetarium
  • Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall
  • Ancient Observatory
  • Confucius Temple
  • Beijing Botanical Garden
  • Lu Xun Museum
  • Zhihua Temple

You can get them from any/all post offices or call the hotline to order it. Word is that they will deliver within the 4rth ring road so I’m about to give them a little shout and try it out for myself.

There is also a yearly park pass but i’m not sure if that one is actually worth it as the admission to most parks is RMB5.. it mostly makes sense if one is planning numerous visits to the temple of heaven.

official site in chinese: http://www.bowuguan.com.cn/tongpiao/index.htm
Delivery Hotline: 62213256 62213275 86660652 62223793

The 2009 pass information at the Beijinger

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  1. Em says:


    I really want to buy one of these for my friend’s birthday as he’s about to go to Beijing on uni exchange, but unfortunately I live in Australia so getting to a Chinese Post Office isn’t really easy. Is there somewhere I can buy one online?