Beijing Quickslants: Slim pickings this week y’all

Dang we got spoiled over the past few weeks with an amazing variety of live acts in Beijing! That said, this weekend’s offerings pale in comparison but still, there are choices! Might be a good opportunity to check out something new and different.

Wednesday Dec 16th:

Abigail Washburn @ Purple Haze Bistro : Hot on the heel of her performance last saturday at yugong yishan comes this more intimate shindig. Abigail announced it on saturday at the end of the show explaining that they will be trying out a bunch of new songs. Definitely worth a go!

Friday Dec 18th:

Made in Ningxia @ 2Kolegas: Cool and free! This will be a great opportunity to enjoy a free gig at 2kolegas and also check out 2 beijing favorites: Wu & Side effects and Buyi. Expect folksy bluesy rock with some uptempo beats. the bets are still on regarding Buyi’s bass player: Man or woman this round?

Sunday Dec 20th:

Dongzi @ D22: Marie-Claude of Mademoiselle et les Chinoix introduced me to Donzi a few months ago and said in the suavest of French accents: but Dongzi is Mr. Folk in China. I bought the CD and I might actually take this as an opportunity to head over to the less visited side of Beijing.

Of course, each of the usual venues has something happening, just nothing I’m interested in. Feel free to browse around listing sites for more info or just show up and maybe you’ll be surprised 🙂

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