Local ho ho ho: 10 questions with Santa about Santacon Beijing 2009

So I was minding my own business last night, sipping on hot cocoa when there was a knock at my window. I turned around and saw this angel face looking from the outside: Santa was right up there floating outside my 21st floor window! W00t w00t, Santa answered the call for the interview 🙂 to tell us about Santacon in Beijing this saturday December 19th


1- What’s going on in your world? This is your chance to plug your stuff:
It’s crunch time in the North Pole, but we still have the energy to throw down for SantaCon, our holiday party this Saturday.

2- How are the preparations going for Christmas? Are the elf managing to get all the gifts ready?
I have been checking the nice and naughty lists, the elves have been working overtime wrapping gifts, the reindeer have been strength training the past few months (we expect the sleigh full of gifts to be especially heavy this year). We’re all busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Santa and Friend in NYC last year. Pic courtesy of Santa

Santa and Friend in NYC last year. Pic courtesy of Santa

3- Talking about gifts and naughty people.. How do they get on the list and how do they get off of it? More
importantly, where do I stand?

Everyone is on The List — whether you’ve been a good or bad this year decides where you place on the List and how
you’re rewarded. I think you already know where you fall on The List.

4- How is SantaCon 2009 in Beijing Shaping up? any theme this year?
My colleagues and I have invested many hours exploring potential stops for Beijing SantaCon. Based on our thorough research, we’ve finalized the route which will take us to famous attractions, bars and not so famous bars across over Beijing. This year’s theme: leave no Santa behind.

5- a little birdie told me that you have been all over town scouting pitstops for the elves and the reindeers! Any special surprises planned?

6- With your busy schedule, I assume you don’t make it to Beijing much over the year. When you are finally here, what’s your favorite activity/hideout?
We don’t get many bands stopping by the North Pole on their tours, so I like to check out live music when I’m in town. 2 Kolegas holds a special place in my heart. The Apothecary on a weekday night is a relaxing place to sip a cocktail and catch up with your colleagues. My elven drinking buddies and I are partial to their Dark and Stormy.

7- Word association: write the first word that comes to your mind.

* Beijing: duck
* Shanghai: xiaolongbao
* Baijiu: uh-oh
* Rudolph: snarky
* Grinch: misunderstood
* Hutongs: parking
* Polka dots: candy

will the real Santa please stand up, please stand up. Pic courtesy of Santa

will the real Santa please stand up, please stand up. Pic courtesy of Santa

8- Santa, you strike me as a bon-vivant with an appreciation for good eats! Would you please share with me 3 restaurants in Beijing that are definitely NOT on the naughty list?
Chuan Ban consistently delivers a tasty and satisfying Sichuan eats. When I don’t mind waiting in line, I check out Middle 8th for my Yunnan fix. Those Korean BBQ restaurants up in Haidian serve pretty tasty food — got a little tipsy on soju and charred meat when I was last there.

9- What are the details for SantaCon ? where can people find you and your elves? Is taking part in Santacon a
good way to get off the naughty list?

SantaCon kicks off this Saturday at noon from two bars: Lush in Wudaokou and THE Brick in Shuangjing, which are located at opposite ends of the city. Beijingers can choose the one closest to them. We’ll be converging routes later in the day so everyone can spread goodwill and cheer together. While SantaCon won’t guarantee that you’ll be bumped to the nice side of The List, it can’t hurt.

10- What does Santa want for christmas?
World peace. And less snarky reindeer.

Thanks Santa for taking the time to answer our questions and i hope you liked the cookies! that said, you could have left me some :p

find out more about SantaCon Beijing 2009 here:

Official Website: http://www.bjsantacon.com/
Twitter: @bjsantacon
more about Santacon on BeijingBoyce

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