Pink Nights: A Gloomy Journey in China Nightlife

I’m not a big fan of art galleries or modern art in Beijing and think of most of it as overrated! but every so often, there is one event here or there that makes me take notice. Charles Carrard’s Pink Nights exhibition is one of those:

Come to the opening night at Café de la Poste!
Free wine and excitements!

The pink lights are what one remarks at first when one arrives in China.
They have the appearance of traditional barbershops, but take a strange dimension at night. Pink lights, dimmed, neon running outside the window, a line of makeup-girls waiting customers for a “special” cut or a massage the lower abdomen.

By extension, I wanted to introduce the chinese pink nights in their murky, sticky, oozing, full of sounds and smells part.
KTV, sauna, massage, gogo bars, hairdressers, hotels, home, street, bar hostesses…
From Beijing to Fujian, through Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Shanghai, this exhibition is not intended to blame on the dramatic side of prostitution in China, but to create a show, everyone being free to think what they want.

Some could have pictured the distress (sometimes) of the girls, behind the scenes, trying to make the visitor feel guilty. I don’t.
This is a journey.
The grain is big, the images often blurred, each artwork is 1 by 1 meter big, within which the pictures are split into a trilogy, which symbolizes the loss of landmarks, the alcoholic blur of the night.
While Western societies have banned and suppressed the act of love outside marriage, in Asia, body and feeling must enjoy simultaneously.

Some photos will not be exposed because censorship has gone through, and my job was amputated from both legs. But the rest, the spirit is there.

My nights are more beautiful than your days

Start Time: Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at 7:00pm
End Time: Saturday, April 3, 2010 at 10:00pm
Location: Café de la poste
Street: Yongheyong Dajie