Beijing live music tidbits: Show of Peace, Dylan, Dude & Bad Mamasan amongst others

I’m loving March so far and it’s just gotten started! This is gonna be one hell of a music month by the look of things and that is not a complaint.

Bad Mamasan, the Heavy Metal outit fronted by Jaime Welton ( Dirty Deeds, Black Cat Bone) is finally waking up from their never ending hibernation to bring out some much needed devil-horns-action to Beijing. Expect them on March 26th at 2 Kolegas.

There’s quite a bit of speculation regarding the Bob Dylan shows in Beijing/Shanghai/Taipei according to The Beijinger. Do we even bother to care at this point? Yet another “big name” act is announced and then cancelled because of no permits, greed or whatever reason… it’s not even fun anymore! That said, bands that do wanna play Beijing seem to be able to do so judging by the fact that the Backstreet Boys will be here in not too long. So what gives?

The World Peace show gang is strangely quiet these days! The website hasn’t been change in a while and no updates to sink our teeth in 🙁 I did get a comment on a previous post directing people to a different site claiming it as the source for news relating to the event. The original site is still standing and unchanged so i guess ….. I don’t know!

Finally, I came across this cool students band called Dude and they crack me up! These kids are taking classic Chinese songs like 月亮代表我的心 (yue liang..) and 我们的爱 (women de ai) then they punk-ify them.. yup, how about that? head on over to their Douban page where the tracks are available for download and check their upcoming shows. it’s worth it for a laugh!

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