Beijing Quickslants: Trippple Nippple, taste of India and dash of France

After 2 amazing musical weeks in Beijing, we’re getting into experimental weirdness! This weekend’s lineup is full of extremely funky stuff that tickles my curiosity.

Thursday March 18:

“The Book is Dead” @ Bookworm: Jeremy Goldkorn (Danwei) et co talk about the future of lack-there-of for print media. I’m not sure if there are any tickets left but being the geek I am, this is one worthwhile event. Definitely worth dealing with the bookworm’s unfriendliness to hear what will be said.

Lonely China Day @ Yugong Yishan: Good kids and veterans of the music scene! They’ll give you and education in Beijing hua ( beijing dialect) and provide a decent musical soundtrack to it. mostly straight up rock n roll and much welcome lack of gimmicks

Friday March 19:

Tookoo @ Mao: talk about weird! these guys released their new CD last week and announced they were breaking up at the release party so this might be one of the last chances to catch them together. Support from Bigger Band amongst others.

Secret Machines @ Yugong: I never heard of these guys before but my friends of RandomK(e) give them props so they gotta have something, right? I read an interview or two at the Beijinger & City weekend that got me curious

Saturday March 20:

-Trippple Nippple @ 2kolegas: I just love the name and the concept of this Japanese trio. I have no idea what to expect but it should be a nice train crash…. i think! I’m not sure Beijing is ready for them judging by the antics I saw online. and with a name like that, you know I’m gonna be there!

– French Funk @ Yugong Yishan: it’s part the Francophonie festival so it is FREE but you gotta get tickets in advance either at BLCU or the French Cultural Center. I’m guessing they will have some pretty decent bands playing and you might make a discovery or two. I remember coming across Girls Are Waiting to Meet You at last year’s edition.

Sunday March 21:

Indian Bazaar @ British School of Beijing: I’m curious about spices and cooking supplies.. I’m sure with all the restaurants around, there’s bound to be some good food available and we’re all about food at beijingdaze HQ.

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