Beijing Quickslants: Charity Folk, Gipsy Jazz, Funky Swing, Wine, Improv & Dallas Cheerleaders

Interesting little end of the week here in Beijing after all the cancellations and what not that we’ve had to deal with due to Mao’s closure and other not so fun events… still, if only the weather decided to freaking cooperate, it would be amazing! In the meantime, here are some fun things to consider for the next few nights/days

oh yeah... Guess who's in town?

Thursday April 22

Pray For Yushu @ Mako Livehouse: No matter what’s happening in town, this is the place to be tonight in Beijing. Some of the city’s finer folk musicians including Dong Zi and Xiao He will be on hand for this Charity gig to benefit the earthquake victims. It’s a good opportunity to head down and visit shuangjing.

Friday April 23

Mademoiselle @ CD Jazz: Marie Claude and her gang sneak out of Gulou for a rare appearance on this side of town. She’s been preparing a new CD and probably has some cool new numbers to listen to. What better way to end the week than listening to cool gipsy jazz by the one and only Montreal Mynx

Puressence @ Yugong Yishan: Blame the Icelandic volcano! This british quartet is stranded in Beijing and making the best of it by scheduling impromptu performances left and right. Tonight should be their biggest gig yet with support from 2 Beijing bands that have been making noise lately: C60 and Boy #6

Saturday April 24:

Wine @ Enoteca: My favorite wine shop/restaurant in Beijing opens up their portfolio for a monster tasting! 40 different wines to try for 200 pp. Considering the quality of their wines, this is a freaking steal and a deal the likes of which Beijing has not seen in a while.

Beijing Improv @ Penghao Theater: No other group gives theatregoers so much for so little, but this time BJ Improv goes beyond their free weekly workshops and monthly laugh-hysterically-for-charity events to a three-day festival, daring to ask the question: what happens when the audience creates the art? more info at

DH & Hellcats, SUBS, STEELY heart @ 2Kolegas: Of course, we couldn’t have a week go by without mentioning 2 Kolegas at least once and for cause!!! This show should be fucking dynamite with the high octane fun that is DH & The Hellcats as well as the epic shows that the SUBS tend to put together. This is one party that is gonna go on for a little while.

Sunday April 25:

Dallas Cheerleaders @ Suzie Wongs: Don’t ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies! But if you follow the NFL, you are aware that Dallas only recruits the finest of the finest (cheerleaders that is) for their fans and these ladies are IT!!!! Photo ops and fun all around with a couple of dance numbers!

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