roundup: Cocoon Cancelled, Blooze & Effects with a side of Burlesque

Damn, just as I was getting ready to put on my indie hat, I see the show i wanted cancelled… boo boo boo! not cool but i guess we’ll have to just make up for it by catching some other bands around!
There’s some good music coming up this weekend and it’s gonna no doubt interfere with my world cup viewing so there’s gonna be some tough decisions being made soon but thankfully, it will wait for the weekend. The week in itself is pretty hum hum with musical offerings.

Cabaret Tease baby... yum

Thursday 10:

Cocoon @ jianghu: French folksters bring a little flair of madness over to the hutongs along with local support. it would have been nice but the show’s been cancelled for a while now along with Cocoon’s entire China mainland tour.

Friday June 11:

Black Cat Bone + Wu & The Side Effects @ 2 Kolegas: This is probably the party of the week folks! I’m not sure 2 kolegas can survive both of this bands on the same bill.. I’m aso not sure that they stock enough booze to serve with the blooze and have good effects. Ok, that don’t mean jack but it sounds good! I should be there!
This one has got it all with fun crowd, good location and 2 amongst the most musically gifted bands in Beijing.

Saturday June 12:

Burlesque Moonglow cabaret @ The One: authentic burlesque show at “Moonglow Cabaret 1935″ , a two-hour live extravaganza with acts from the famous musical and movie “Cabaret,” a sultry Shanghai-style parasol dance, a feather fans act, Josephine Baker-style performances, blues dancing and other enticing tidbits, all performed using the “art of tease’ typical of burlesque…. I saw pictures folks, this one looking yummy, very yummy!

Redbucks @ Jianghu: if you missed them last weekend for the launch of “All that Glitters” , this is a good chance to catch Beijing’s own Bluegrass meisters in a more intimate setting where music should be louder than the audience. guaranteed to cure all illness by Dr. Bubba Boe Jo himself

weird one this weekend…. Saturday is the heavy hitter with even performances by Shanren, Hanggai amongst others all around the city but as I see certain bands often enough, I’ll take a skip this time.

Sunday June 13:

Ember Swift @ jianghu: beautiful little canadian thing with tons of experience under her belt by plays folktronic music…. I’m intrigued and scared of the potential… really! I have no clue what to expect.

Of course, the world cup starts and we gotta have some fun with that too.

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2 Responses

  1. Sarahplusone says:

    Downloadable mp3s available to preview the Ember Swift show. Its different than her old stuff, and I’m curious about the China connection and how it came to be, but its interesting and worthy of a (chilled out) listen.

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    it does sound interesting… color me curious